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Thursday, October 4, 2007

Important people/animals/objects group project

Four of us each described an important person/animal/object, then drew everyone else's as well as our own. Here's a selection of mine. I was trying full colour & it came out with a very childrens-book feel, not sure about it, but it was fun to try.

Nettle went on baby pig's nose Toy rabbit on bed
Sam in front of red blocks Extremely fat and lazy cat
Green dress girl likes bike This cat has many victims

Here's a section of the final piece, we laid it all out in a grid. Interesting to see everyone's different styles and interpretations.

part of the final piece

1 comment:

Bumcivilian said...

yours are wicked cool. love the cat. the other students ones are far less interesting, it looks like some of them havnt even found a style, or at least its much less successful than yours; you shouldnt put yourself down so much. from this you seem to be king of the litter and deserve to be smug, just like that big ol' cat.