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Saturday, January 12, 2008


Found this amazing book in a charity shop. Expect many, much better, drawings of animals.

total bargain

just some of the things you can see within

horror of horrors

anteaters are ludicrous beasts

I find it hard to believe some of these animals really exist, they are so impossibly bizarre. I wont believe in them til I see them with my own eyes. Sorry anteater.


This pattern makes not so much sense.

bear shadow house pattern

Pattern making

I want to print up huge rolls of wallpaper, this is my new dream. I have never designed any kindof repeating pattern before, it muddled my brain, here is my first one ever. It's my computer desktop background now ( a paler version so i can see) and it tiles perfectly, I can hardly believe it.

airplane pattern base

airplane pattern tiled

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Colour hog

I also made one with colour. Wanted it to look like a screen print but the store wouldnt print onto my painted background in case it melted onto the drum. And colour copies are £40 instead of £2. So the black is on acetate.


Pygmy hog final product

I have moved back to Brighton and started a new term hence the big gap of no posts. Now I'm back and working hard again I will hopefully be better at keeping up.

Here's that poster I was working on before. It's A1 size, giant for me!