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Friday, January 4, 2008


pet/child, unwanted companion

I think everyone will do animal/humans for this zine so I hesitate to do the same but I quite like this drawing. I'm going to change the little horse-girl's head though.

Half n half

Next issue of Embryo zine is themed Hybrids. Yet again I do several things for it & cant decide which to use. All I want to do is tweak and tweak em til I go nutso.

half n half

Wednesday, January 2, 2008


bearshadow house

I never really use pencils anymore but I'm starting to like them again. This is just something from a sketchbook fooled with in photoshop (shh dont tell anyone)

Sunday, December 30, 2007

In progress

pygmy hog poster in progress

An A1 poster on the plight of the poor pygmy hog.

Speaking of stuffed dogs

I made this in September

Jenny with some flowers

Jenny with some fruit

Dog head

Dog head blanket

I found this amazing blanket at a car boot sale but it was £20... too much.. I just re-found the photo and now am very keen to make a blanket with a head sticking out from it.

Hamlet the hamster adventurer

She moves so speedily an in-focus photo is essentially impossible.

Hamlet with tube

Hamlet frantic

Hamlet misunderstands horse

I bought her this little horse at a flea market but she just hasn't quite got the hang of riding it.

there are chicks in the army

there are chicks in the army